How To Grow Longer Hair and Avoid Breakage

15 Ways To Grow Your Hair Longer and Avoid Breakage

Looking for a way to grow your hair longer? Have you been considering growing your hair and wondering how you can do it easily? Growing and maintaining your hair can be tedious at times, however, it can be done a lot more easily with the right guidelines.

How To Grow Your Hair Longer

Hair grooming demands a  lot of care and attention especially if your hair type is coarse and dry. Constantly giving the hair all the needed care will ensure that your hair stays smooth and grows normally. Hair normally grows about a quarter to a maximum half-inch every four (4) weeks. If you are trying to grow your hair longer and faster, you may consider doing the following;

1. Avoid Using Bleaching Agents

Firstly, avoid using bleaching agents and consider instead dyes with less hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen Peroxide is normally used to lighten the hair. It works permanently on hair which means that when it is used in a dye, it will only go when new hair grows. Hydrogen Peroxide works on the cuticle; the innermost part of the hair that gives hair its color. It can cause damage to the cuticle leading to hair breakage, frizz, and split-ends. It can lead to hair loss.

2. Avoid Using Heating Tools

Avoid using heating tools directly on your hair. Excessive heat will cause damage to your hair. In the use of straighteners, curling wands must be used with care. Straighten hair only after it has been washed dry. Straightening dirty and oiled hair can lead to hair damage.

3. Massage Your Hair Scalp Gently

Massage your scalp gently and regularly. To do this, start from the front and work gently but firmly back. Massaging the scalp help relax the skin and cause more blood flow and nutrients to the hair roots.

4. Eat Well-Balanced Meal

Eat well-balanced meals and take hair growth supplements. A balanced meal with good nutrients for hair growth must be rich in Vitamins D, A, C, and E. Supplements must have biotin and Folic-based components. Taking these balanced meals and Vitamins leads to good healthy hair growth.

5. Less Shampooing

Less shampooing, more conditioning in the shower. Use deep conditioning in damp hair. Use all-natural-based cleansers and deep conditioning must be done two (2) or three (3) times within a week. Concentration must be at the ends of the hair.

6. Rinse Hair With Cold Water

Rinse hair with cold water after conditioning. The cool layer of the hair skin prevents moisture loss and heat damage. Moreover, Oils such as unrefined coconut oils, almonds,s, and jojoba must be used in damp hair.

7. Towel Damp Hair Gently

When toweling damp hair, avoid twirling and turning. No rubbing, just blot the water out. Twirling and turning can lead to the hair losing its firm hold and may pull out of the skin.

8. Trim Hair Regularly

Trim hair to get rid of damaged, broken, and split ends. The number one rule of having long beautiful hair is regular trims. Trim regularly – every eight (8) to twelve (12) weeks. This allows your hair to grow with less breakage and thinning.

9. Sleep on Silk Pillowcases

Sleep on silk pillowcases to avoid hair tangling. It is also good for your face – preserves moisture in the hair and face from drying out.

10. Protect Your Hair Before Taking A Swim

You must protect your hair before jumping into the pool for a swim. Swimming pools contain harsh chemicals that can cause damage to your hair. Always condition your hair before taking that long swim. This is a major tip for keeping hair healthy and protected.

11. Less Use of Hair Bands

Avoid the use of hair bands that cling tightly on hair strands and pull it off when you are removing the band. Using hair bands can lead to hair loss and weaken the structure of the hair strand causing damage to your hair.

12. Dry Your Hair With Just Air

Allow your hair to dry itself by blow-drying with just air. Other artificial means or techniques of drying out hair with hot air will make your hair feel dry and brittle. Always use a warm, not hot setting to dry hair out. This will make your hair grow without stress.

13. For Shiny Soft Hair Use Honey

For shiny soft hair, prepare your daily condition with 2 – 3 tablespoons of honey. Mix them evenly and use them on wet hair. Leave the mixture in your damp hair for 30 minutes and wash it off thoroughly. This will boost the shine and softness of your hair.

14. Wash Hair Less Frequently to Maintain Natural Oils

You need to clean your hair less frequently to avoid washing off the natural oils of the hair. Wash 2 – 3 days for proper care and regulation of the natural oils in the hair. This practice will boost the natural luster of the hair.

15. Treat Damaged Hair with the Perfect Mixture

To treat damaged hair, make a mixture of 1/2 cup of honey, 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil, and 1-2 tablespoons of egg yolk. Apply on hair for about 20 minutes. Wash thoroughly to remove all the mixture. Apply this mixture to your hair, to replenish broken protein bonds in the hair and make it firmer and bolder for the perfect styling.

In conclusion, giving your hair the necessary care and attention will help you grow and maintain your beautiful hair. Do you have any hair growth and maintenance tips to share?

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