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5 Financial Mistakes To Avoid This Holiday Season


Financial Mistakes To Avoid
  • Before buying any gifts make a list of the people you plan to buy presents for. Set a maximum budget for your gift-giving and allocate a budget for each person. Search for the best prices before making any purchases.
  • Avoid taking loans and using credit card debt to buy gifts for others. The season will soon pass and the debt will be your crown to wear ALONE.
  • There is the feeling you usually get that after spending your hard-earned money on others a little something for ourselves too is not a bad idea. You will end up spending so much on yourself to get things you may not even need.
    Be extra vigilant in your spending on yourself too.
  • Keeping up with the Joneses; The feeling to upgrade your car, house, clothing, shoes, etc. because others are doing that. You will end up comparing yourself to everyone. It is not worth it. Have your own personal financial goals and stick with it.
  • Sales sales sales!!!! Black Friday sales!! A trick to get you to buy more anyway. Do you have long term financial goals?

Start using the ‘7 DAY RULE’. If you see something you like, don’t make a purchasing decision for at least 7 days. Chances are that your desire for that thing will leave you. If you apply this rule twice, you will begin to understand the reason why you may not even need 70% of the things you buy.

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