7 Tips on How to Bounce Back After Suffering a Major Setback


How to Bounce Back after a Major crises

Suffering a major setback can put you in much discomfort. A setback can leave you in a state of physical and mental weariness, a lack of energy. Your personal life and relationships can be affected.

However, setbacks are part of your daily life. On a daily basis, you face challenges and difficulties which overwhelm you. However, a major defeat is not major at all. A setback is only a comeback stage set to push you forward to your next level. Problems are nothing more than events in your life. They do not define who you are or become as far as you don’t allow it.

I have outlined the following seven (7) guidelines to help you come back to your stronger self within a day of practice after suffering a major setback;

1. Accept Your Current State

First, accept your current state as having been influenced by your past setback and move further from this point

2. Do an Assessment

Assess your physical, mental, health, and emotional state of balance and determine which part (s) need caring for

3. Give Yourself Time

Allow yourself space and time to reconnect to your inner self

4. Diagnose the Cause and Improve

Diagnose the cause of your setback and find ways to improve it upon it; the cause can be by your own actions. Systemically diagnosing the cause of a major setback is an important stage in the caring for yourself process

5. Develop the Right Mental Attitude

The mind is the battlefield – You can win the battle in your mind as you stay focused on the process of caring for yourself. Develop your mental capacity by forgetting what you have missed out of the setback and focus on the future and the goodness it promises you

6. Take Care of Yourself

Be calm, Be hopeful, Stay positive

  • Eat healthy meals only
  • Take gentle walks daily, embrace the beauty of creation as you take your walks
  • Get enough rest/sleep
  • Avoid harmful liquor and drugs
  • Make your weekends about you and your closest family and friends

7. Have a Clear Conscience

Guard your thoughts well; purge it daily.

The most successful people learn from their major setbacks. You do not need to allow a setback to influence the life you live now. Enjoy a successful life full of hope as you learn to live by these seven (7) tips on how to bounce back after suffering a major setback.

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