How to Create Your Peace of mind

How to Create Your Peace of mind To Enjoy Your Life Better

 If you will ever enjoy this game called life, then you are going to have to learn how to create peace of mind.

How to Create Your Peace of mind To Enjoy Your Life Better

First We Need To Understand  What Peace of Mind Is

What is peace of mind? defines peace of mind as “a mental state of calmness or tranquility, a freedom from worry and anxiety.”

What does it mean to cultivate peace of mind?

When you practice activities that help you build a calm mental state, you are creating peace of mind.

Also, you create peace of mind when you do things to develop a mind that is free from worry and anxiety

Why is it important to cultivate your peace of mind?

It is very important to create your peace of mind because it will help you to:

  1. Live your best life
  2. Develop your potential
  3. Enjoy your life
  4. Make great contributions to society

So…How Do You create your peace of mind?

Here are some ways to cultivate your peace of mind.

1. Be a truth seeker

They say know the truth and the truth will set you free.

We live in a world whose foundations are primarily built on deceptions. Every day we are bombarded with various media that misinform, disinform, deceive us and push us deeper into misconceptions.

When you learn to be a truth seeker you find what is true. Not only that but will also you will get doors opened to you. You ask and it is given.

Truth-seeking helps you to separate what is true from what is a deception. This gives you more clarity in life. 

The more clarity you get in life the less burdened you will become with the unnecessary daily trivia of this chaotic world. The unnecessary things are deceptive ideas that confuse you, waste your time, deplete your resources, and steal your joy.

Finding the truth comes with a peace of mind that is not understood by the world system. Becoming a truthseeker sets you on the path to creating peace of mind to enjoy your life.

How to Create Your Peace of mind To Enjoy Your Life Better

2. Be an Active gatekeeper of your mind

The practice of paying attention to your thoughts is one of the greatest things you can do for yourself.

Life is full of activities and behaviors that are controlled by the things running in our minds: thoughts.

 And every thought comes with one or more emotions. Some of these emotions are good: They inspire and lift us up. And some burden us: They take away peace of mind and steal our joy. 

And all these happen as battles of the mind.

When you learn to pay attention to your thoughts you do something called Active Gate-Keeping

Active Gate-Keeping is the practice of deciding what to reject and what to accept into your being

You are the best gatekeeper of your mind and the things you allow to flow into your life through your senses.

Henceforth, begin to consciously guard your mind and your thought 2. Evaluate the major beliefs and strong ideas you hold on to. And prune your mind of thoughts that do not serve your highest good

Also, try to recognize and shed off the cultural and social misconceptions that enslave your mind. If you take charge of this you will cultivate the peace of mind you need to live your best life.

3. Embrace the ups and downs of life

If you’ve been living for any length of time you know that life is not a straight line.

It is a journey of ups and downs. And these peaks and valleys make up the exciting adventures of life. For as long as you are alive you will go through ups and downs. That is the game of life.

When you learn to embrace the ups and downs of life, nothing will surprise you anymore. You will swallow the joys that come and you develop the same response to the sorrowful times. Most importantly, you will begin to develop the virtues of stoicism and master your emotions.

Eventually, you will observe these ups and downs come and pass away without disrupting your peace of mind.

This is one powerful way to cultivate your peace of mind. you can find yourself in life.

4. Stop trying to be in control of everything

Sometimes you can be deluded into believing that you are in control of all the affairs in your life.

You want things to happen for you at your command: when you want it, how you want it, where you want it, and who you want it with.

Even worse, You try so hard g to make sense of everything that happens to you. But life doesn’t work that way. The control you have in life is limited by the dashboard you have at any particular time: your circumstances and the resources available to you.

When you understand life this way, you avoid a lot of frustrations that could steal your peace of mind. Learn to stop trying to be in control of everything. This surely helps you to cultivate your peace of mind

5. Learn to forgive and forget the negatives quickly

It’s very important to not only forgive but also forget the bad experiences that happen to you.

Holding on to grudges could build a lot of karmic load on you and depress your life

We all make mistakes and offend other people from time to time. And this will continue throughout life.

And so the more quickly and easily we can forgive and forget the better your life can be

If you are holding on to some grudges more we will cultivate the peace to move ahead in life

6.Overcome self-centeredness

It is very easy to be self-deceived into thinking that everything revolves around.

Self-centeredness is a sign of manic depression in progress. It’s a crazy place to be. When you become self-centered, you start taking life personally and you experience a lot of anxiety and frustrations when things don’t go your way.

Help yourself: make it a point to remember always that this life is not about you.

Even though man has been given the mandate to dominate and manage this earth, man is never the center of this whole game of life.

The faster you realize this the easier your life will become.

7. Stop trying to fix or change the world.

There is a place you can find yourself in if you are a very critical person.

It’s a crazy place of frustration and excruciating brain pain. If you think there is a serious problem with society and the world that needs fixing; you are already in this place. I know what it feels like because I have been here before.

Stop trying to fix or change the world. It is not is what it is.

It’s a perfect system that works the way The Creator wants it to work for now.

When you learn to live with that, you will experience so much peace to make your contributions to this world.

8. Stop conforming mindlessly to society

the world system, fads, and trends. We come into this world and assume worldly culture so we can fit in. We are trained to conform to this world without thinking for ourselves. However there comes a time when you must find your place in this world,

9. Stop Trying to please everyone

It can be overwhelming to try and please everyone. This habit can put a lot of strain on you.

When you live to please other people you will feel enslaved by other people’s opinions. This usually steals your freedom and peace of mind to express yourself.

9. Take responsibility for your actions and choices.

Everybody has a dashboard of life exclusive to them. You have your unique dashboard and I have a dashboard peculiar to me. At this dashboard, we keep making decisions that guard our actions and choices. These actions and choices we take and make give us unique results. Sometimes we like it. Other times the results are not what we expected. It’s a normal mechanism in life.

However, here is where the challenge lies: In times when the results we get do not meet our expectations we tend to blame other people. Other times we blame our unfortunate circumstances. When we blame other people and circumstances for the results we have in life we are giving our power away. Life is made up of choices, actions, and results.

Whether we call the result success or failure, we realize learn that these are just metrics. Success and failure are just metrics to illustrate the quality of the choices we made. If we can learn to own our results and take responsibility for our choices, decisions, and actions our life will be exponentially better.

Taking that responsibility gives you the peace of mind to experiment with the choices you make in life. In time, you learn to master your own destiny. You can almost predict your future by the masterful art of deciding, choosing, and acting on your goals. This is the ultimate domain of man.

10. Learn to spend time alone with yourself.

Everybody needs some time alone every once in a while to cultivate tranquility through meditation.
Time alone with yourself help you to disconnect from the impurities of our collective social energies.
Aand Most importantly, it helps you to recharge yourself and have more clarity to focus on the things that are important to you. spending time alone with yourself can help develop the peace of mind you need to enjoy your life.


If you take the time to practice the tips above you will master yourself and your mind towards a joyful and bountiful life. Do you have any tips on “How to Create Your Peace of mind To Enjoy Your Life Better?” How have you coped with this constantly chaotic modern culture?

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