Make Valentine’s Day Memorable

How To Make Valentine’s Day Memorable In a Long Distance Relationship

Valentine’s day is the most memorable romantic and day of the year. It sure feels lonely when your partner lives far away from you on such a special day. Think of all the ways to make your partner feel special on this all-important day without having to miss you like crazy – You are covered!

Make Your Valentine’s Day Memorable

These are 13 tips on how to make Valentine’s Day memorable when you are in a long-distance relationship;

1. Gift them an Experience

Get your partner a ticket to a concert or watch movies showing at the same time wherever you are so you can both enjoy it and share the experience together later.

2. Plan a Surprise Trip For a Memorable Day

Surprise your partner with a trip to see him/her. Make it special with a bouquet of flowers when you arrive at their door. Better if you surprise them at their workplace where others can share in the joy of your meeting.

3. Organize a Virtual Dinner Date

Organize a special FaceTime session on Valentine’s day together. You can both have specially made meals right in front of your cameras with a toast to share on the day. Talk about the beautiful times you share together.

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4. Send a Video Message

Send out a video message of an exciting activity you do on Valentine’s day to your partner. You could do a love note, dance or write them a romantic poem. A video of something you love doing will also do the trick. A role-play to act out your partner will also be an exciting move. Wear their favorite clothing style to do this if you can find one.

5. Plan a Trip for Two

You can both plan to meet up somewhere to have a romantic time together on Valentine’s day. Have a surprise gift for your partner when you meet.

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6. Send Your Partner a Gift Prior to Valentine’s Day

Send a package of their favorite items! You can design a postcard or write love letters labeled “for every day before Valentine’s day” to your partner. Make it exciting enough to send him/her reeling in joy when they read.

7. Plan an Off-Season Valentine’s Day Celebration

Make every day Valentine’s day! Plan an off-season Valentine’s day with your partner. Choose any time within the year that is suitable for your partner and enjoy that special time as Valentine’s time. There is no limit to what love can do – out of season or not, love wins.

8. Throw a Surprise With Friends

Organize your partner’s favorite things or a special gift and allow their friend(s) to lay it out when they are not aware. This could be a surprise and will be worth the try.

9. Use Delivery Service to Send their Favorite Items

Send her favorite gifts through a delivery service and watch as your partner enjoys the things during FaceTime. Using delivery might be a well surprising thing to do for your partner on a special day as Valentine’s – when you are far away from them.

10. Organize a Collage of Memories

Organize a collage of photos showing memories you both shared together and surprise your partner with it. You can talk about it during FaceTime or if it is presented, your partner can hang it in their room.

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11. Openly Express Your Love

If your partner loves attention, openly declare your love on social media by writing a long note about your love. Express how you feel towards your partner so friends and family can share in your joy. This way, your partner can feel loved – also increases trust in the relationship.

12. Show Your Strong Side

Perform an activity your partner knows you are scared of doing. Send them a video of you performing the act and watch them scream in relief. Let them understand you overcame your fear for them to have confidence in you – there is no better Valentine’s Day gift to a loving and caring partner.

13. Make Several Calls

Have a special series of voice notes to tell your partner the entire Valentine’s day. Call them every hour within the day with a special message to them. Let your partner know you mean to give them your time the entire day. It will make him/her feel loved on such an important day.

These 13 tips for Valentine’s day celebration will give you the same experience and probably much more than if your partner were with you.

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