How To Plan Valentine’s Day

How To Plan Valentine’s Day Party For Just Two

 Valentine’s day is around the corner! Yay! Time to plan the ultimate, fleek hot valentine’s day party for just you and your partner. Shopping for your partner on such a special occasion can be a little bit stressful.

Let’s try something much more special than shopping for a present to make this particular valentine special!

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Throw a sexy invite

Surprise your partner with a sexy hand-crafted invite to a ‘just the two of us’ party on Valentine’s day. Drop the card with a bottle of champagne or your lover’s favorite bottle drink plus a box of chocolate. Seal it off with a light brush of a kiss when you drop the invite.

Sexy Fun Activity

Game time! Plan an adult party game for your party. Try ‘Name that Love Song’. Play old and current love music in the background and have your partner guess who played that song. Give them a treat anytime they get it right. Treat them to small presents like a neatly wrapped box of sour candies or chocolate-flavored popcorn anytime they guess right.

How To Plan Valentine's Day Party For Just Two

A Romantic Mix For Your Partner

Try preparing the best romantic drink recipe for your partner. Let your partner see you mix the drink up in all your sexiness! Try a love martini cocktail mix. Make small strawberry hearts to garnish; Cut a small ‘v’ to remove the stem and then cut it into slices.

Nibble On Some Fancy Cubes

Valentine's Day Party For Just Two
Rose Petals In Glass

Pluck petals from roses and put them in an ice tray. Fill it with water and freeze. Try these rosy cubes for a great valentine’s day party with just your partner.

Snap Photos and Share

Design a ‘love booth’ to take romantic photos with your partner and share it with friends and family to mark a memorable day. You can use a simply designed backdrop if the ideaof a booth is too much for you to do. Use roses or balloons to design the drop and snap!

Still, looking for a super delight day on Valentine’s day with your partner? Plan the ultimate Valentine’s day party for just two. Those are a bunch of ideas you can try at home for a memorable day!

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