How Store Wine At Home

How To Properly Store Wine At Home For A Great Taste

 For many wine lovers, keeping wine for a long time without losing its taste is a thing to die for.

Several factors have to be met to properly store wine at home for great taste. 

Factors such as humidity, lighting, temperature, vibration around the storage area, and the angle at which the wine bottle is tilted all affect wine. 

It is extremely necessary to store wine properly at home to maintain great taste. 

A wine that is poorly stored often times tastes like vinegar. When stored the right way, wine can last for decades or even centuries.

The following are 7 tips to help you properly store wine to get it tasting great no matter how long or short it is stored:

Store Your Wine On A Horizontal Wine Rack

Aside from keeping your wine in a safe place, using wine racks eliminate any movement of the wine. Wine racks come in all shapes and designs. The best wine racks are those that provide horizontal storage. Vertical wine racks have the bottles pointing up which will make the cork dry out and allow air into the wine to change its taste. If you are storing wine only for a short period, vertical racks can be considered, otherwise, use horizontal racks.

Get The Storage Temperature Right At 50 – 60 Degrees Fahrenheit

Temperature is one of the most important factors to consider when storing wine. The temperature must be kept at 50 to 60 °F at all times. Any fluctuations in temperature must not be rapid but should happen slowly. A lower temperature can help age the wine.

Avoid Vibrations Around The Rack Where Wine is Stored

Always keep your wine away from vibrations. Vibration can disrupt the sediments and affect the flavor of the wine in the long run. Vibrations affect the delicate aging process of the wine.

Apart from disrupting the flavor of the wine, vibrations may also shake the wine rack causing the bottles to break. A vibration-free area will give the sediment enough time to accumulate at the base. Avoid vibrations at your wine area to keep your wine bottles safe from breaking. Store your wine properly at home for a great taste.

Keep The Cork Wet

Store your wine horizontally to keep the cork wet at all times. When the cork dries out, it shrinks, allowing air into the wine to change the flavor. A dried cork may also cause seepage.

When you open a white wine, you can store it in a wine refrigerator for about 3 to 5 days. Store red wine in a dark place for about the same number of days; 3 to 5 days. Always ensure the cork remains intact to prevent any air from getting inside the wine.

Keep Your Wine Away From Light

Direct light can ruin the taste of any type of wine. Too much heat and light cause premature aging of the wine. UV rays from sunlight can alter a wine’s flavor and aroma. Store your wine in a dark place.

Keep the Humidity at 60% – 70%

The humidity at your wine storage area should be around 70%. If the humidity is too high, the labels can peel off and affect the value of the wine. A low humidity such as 50% could cause the cork to shrink, allowing air into the wine to change its taste.

Serve and Keep Opened Wine At the Proper Temperature

If stored correctly, an opened wine can stay up to 3 or 5 days. Recork opened bottles immediately to prevent air from going inside the wine. Use a tight seal or a rubber stopper if the cork is broken. Always avoid the cork breaking into the wine.

When serving wine, allow some time for it to settle at the correct serving temperature. This will give the best aroma and flavor. White sparkling wine and sweet white wine should be served colder at 40-55 °F. A temperature of 60-65 °F is great for red wine with strong tannin while lighter red wine does better at 55 °F. When serving champagne, a temperature of 38-45 °F is best.

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Wine can be a profitable investment. You should store your wine properly at home for a great taste – Keep your wine under the right conditions at home and preserve its value.

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