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How to Think Creatively to Solve Your Problems -The 7 Ways

How to think creatively to solve Your Problems

Thinking creatively to solve your problems can be a daunting task. You may give up many times when trying to find a solution to a problem. However, there may be several creative ways to solve every problem you face?

Here are 7 ways of thinking creatively to Solve Your Problems.

To be able to creatively solve every problem;

1. Identify the problem

Firstly, you need to identify what the problem is. Then comes identifying the cause (s) of it and how it integrates into other problems. You should find out what the effect of the problem is and what you stand to gain by solving it. Write the problem down is a big part of thinking creatively about your problems

2. Make Assumptions

Secondly, you need to make critical assumptions in solving the problem. Open your-minded when making assumptions on a problem you intend to solve.

3. Tackle the problem in Parts

Also, you can handle the problem from a more general view towards a detailed view. Make general statements in a single sentence. This will help tackle each part of the problem.

4.Analyze the problem

Analyze the problem to clearly understand the root cause. Also, be open to other people’s suggestions and criticism. Openly assess them to take out the best parts to use in solving the problem.

5. Take note of possible solutions

Arrange all the possible solutions to the problem in order of importance.

6. Include others

You may not have it all figured out!. Get other people’s opinions on possible solutions. Take the best solution out of the discussion and start applying to solve the problem.

7. Persevere to the end

A solution always presents itself as long as you are willing to stay through the process. Persevere and remain focused on ways to think creatively to solve the problem. Do not rush through the process.

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Be creative in solving all your problems. Remember, there may be more than one solution to every problem.

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