How To Care For Sensitive Teeth

The Best Way To Care For Sensitive Teeth

The best way to care for sensitive teeth is by applying measures that will reduce pressure on the teeth. Toothache can be a terrible thing to handle and a nightmare treating.

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Toothache usually gets worse after taking a cold drink, eating hot or cold food, or breathing cold air.

Tooth decay exposes nerves at the base of the teeth. The pressure to it in any form causes severe pain – pressure from cold or hot elements. An exposed gum usually leads to this situation.

The best way to care for your sensitive teeth;

  • Reduce pressure on the teeth – brush by applying gentle strokes
  • Fluoride in toothpaste helps sensitive teeth. Use toothpaste brands that contain less alcohol to brush your teeth daily
  • Avoid too hot or cold food and drink – it makes the situation worse
  • Allow your exposed gum to completely heal to treat decay
  • Avoid the use of toothpicks and floss on the gum. It can worsen the situation.
  • Avoid eating hard/solid food that can cause the gum to erode more and create an unbearable toothache situation for you
  • Visit your dentist immediately you feel the slightest pain with your teeth. Waiting will create holes in the teeth and that will make the situation worse
  • Poor hygiene habits will allow plaque and tartar to build around the teeth and cause tooth decay. Keep your mouth fresh and teeth clean at all times
  • Keep your mouth fresh with a clean mouth rinse daily
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A ‘No Tooth Pain Day’ means a ‘Great Day!’ You need to visit your dentist regularly and report any pain or discomfort on your teeth early for treatment.

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